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We Have Financing Options:

Since our primary goal is your utmost comfort, we offer many ways for you to plan for your treatment:

1) CASH OR CHECK For amounts over $100, a five percent bookkeeper’s courtesy is available. An additional five percent is allowed for senior citizens.


3) Financing up to 18 months, interest-free, through Care Credit. Click here for an application form

4) INSURANCE As a courtesy to you, our office will bill your insurance company. We request payment of your deductible and/or the percentage you are responsible for at the time of your appointment.

5) PAY AS YOU GO Make your appointment and pay as you go. That way you never have a large balance while you are getting your dental work completed.

6) LAYAWAY PLAN Reserve your money weekly, bi-weekly or monthly toward needed dental work. The amount is credited to your personal account.

Our fees are at a level that is competitive with or better than other offices in our area. In addition, we offer monthly specials where you can save significant amounts, up to 25% with bleachings, sealants or other treatments! Visit our Blog, or Like us on facebook to see more information on our monthly specials.