FAQ Oral Sedation

What is Oral Sedation? For some anxious patients who want more than just nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to relax, taking an oral sedative before your visit can help. One of the more effective [...]


FAQ Ten Reasons

Is this the right place for you? Here’s ten reasons why it is: Through comfortable anesthesia and a variety of options such as nitrous oxide gas, sedative medications, massage pads, stereo [...]


FAQ Dental Warranty

Is there a Dental Warranty? Our practice is proud of the dentistry that we provide for you and your family. Our goal is to not just correct any dental problems you may have, but to show you how [...]


Do You Take My Dental Insurance?

We accept most major insurance carriers. Please contact our office for more information. (360) 576-3570 To Our Patients With Dental Insurance: During recent years, dental benefit plans have [...]


Videos can help with child tooth care

Bye Bye Binky This video from Sesame Street and Elmo tackles a more specific issue for younger kids, which is knowing when to say goodbye to the binky. This is a sweet way to get your child [...]


Help your kids love to brush

There’s no better way to love your smile than to take good care of it each day. Show your kids how to develop good dental habits and a healthy smile by teaching them how to brush and floss their [...]


FAQ Tooth Aches Caused By Decay

What are some ways to relieve discomfort caused by decay? Avoid hot or cold beverages- extreme temperatures may cause great pain due to the tooth being invaded by decay. Avoid high in sugar and [...]