12 Dangers of Sleep Apnea You Should Know

12 Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Could sleep apnea kill you? Yes!


More than 30 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, yet as many as 90% of people are undiagnosed and untreated!

Worse, an estimated 50,000 people die each year due to sleep-apnea-related causes.

These dangers of sleep apnea include:

– Heart attack
– Stroke
– Fatigue-related accidents
– High blood pressure
– Weight gain
– Memory problems
– Headaches
– Depression, irritability and mood swings
– Type 2 diabetes
– Metabolic syndrome
– Complications while under anesthesia
– Liver problems

In fact, sleep deprivation, drowsiness and fatigue are beginning to outstrip alcohol as a cause of vehicle accidents.

Don’t ignore the dangers of sleep apnea.


Lighthouse Dental can help!

Ask us about Oral Appliance Therapy

– a remarkable and much-less obtrusive alternative to CPAP treatment for sleep apnea. The oral appliance is a small, custom-fit device, much like a retainer, that gently shifts the lower jaw forward slightly to open up your airway. It’s such a simple solution to help you sleep better and enjoy life again.


If you think you or someone you love may suffer from sleep apnea, let Lighthouse Dental help.

Visit www.LighthouseDental.net/Sleep to take a short online screening quiz. Then learn how Dr. Lu can help you end sleep apnea and sleep better.

Take the Free Sleep Apnea Assessment

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