Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Vancouver, Washington

If you have relatively minor imperfections in your teeth, such as a chip or extensive staining, you can get them repaired with dental bonding. Dental bonding is an inexpensive, less time-intensive procedure than other types of restorative dentistry. It fixes small tooth issues and keeps them from developing into something more serious.

We perform tooth bonding at our dentist’s office in Vancouver, Washington. Dr. Lu has decades of experience with restorative dentistry, and he can assist you with making your teeth look better, creating a more positive first impression and fixing problems that may have bothered you for years.

Bonding takes less time than more invasive dental procedures, and it is often less expensive than those procedures as well. Dental bonding can transform your mouth’s appearance, and many types of insurance cover the treatment.

What Is Dental Bonding Used For?

We use dental bonding for patients in many situations. A few of the most common reasons for getting dental bonding include:

  • Fixing chipped, cracked or broken teeth.
  • Covering stained teeth.
  • Eliminating gaps between the teeth.
  • Protecting the tooth when parts of the root are exposed by receding gums.
  • Changing the tooth’s shape.

For those who get nervous about visiting the dentist or have busy schedules with limited time for dental appointments, cosmetic bonding provides a welcome solution. You only need to visit the dentist once to complete the procedure. Other, more invasive cosmetic dentistry options require multiple visits and take more time to complete.

You may need to get your dental bonds replaced at some point. The resin lacks a crown’s durability, though it easily withstands everyday chewing and other mouth functions. Most of our Vancouver patients find their cosmetic bonding lasts up to eight years, and getting a replacement is fast and simple.

Dental Bonding Process

Undergoing tooth bonding usually takes one session in the chair, when Dr. Lu can get the bonding shaped and applied. Here’s what the process is like:

  • Dr. Lu generally won’t use anesthesia, as the process won’t require drilling unless the bond goes over a cavity or tooth with decay. In those cases, he may need to drill away some of the affected areas.
  • We find a shade of resin that matches your natural tooth color.
  • Dr. Lu begins the bonding process, roughening the tooth’s surface and then putting a conditioning liquid on top, making the tooth more receptive to the bonding.
  • The resin looks and feels like putty. Dr. Lu applies it to the teeth and molds it for a natural appearance.
  • Once the resin is in place, Dr. Lu uses a special light to harden it.
  • When the resin becomes hard, Dr. Lu shapes the resin further, smoothing out any imperfections and polishing it to match your other teeth.

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