Teeth Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like the fresh feeling in your mouth after getting your teeth cleaned. Your teeth feel smooth and spotless when you run your tongue over them, and you know you have done something good for your health by reach top dental care.

Regular teeth cleaning offers a lot more than that good feeling. By prioritizing this type of preventive care, you protect your teeth and reduce the likelihood of developing long-term problems that arise from extensive tooth decay and gum disease. No one likes a toothache!

You can get a dental cleaning and exam at our office in Vancouver, Washington. Our dentist, Dr. Erika, focuses on offering top dental care with pain-free care in a laid-back, comfortable environment. Even the most dedicated tooth brushers and flossers need regular teeth cleaning to keep their mouths in top dental healthy — let us help you maintain your smile and your oral health.


Getting your teeth cleaned professionally provides a range of advantages. The most important is protecting your teeth from decay, which occurs when bacteria form acid in your mouth that eats away at the enamel. When decay goes on unchecked, it can create cavities that require fillings or even — if the decay gets bad enough — a root canal.

When you get your teeth cleaned professionally, our hygienist removes plaque and tartar buildup that can cause tooth decay. You will have a healthier mouth, which could also improve your overall health. Studies have linked poor oral hygiene to serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Taking care of your mouth through regular teeth cleanings protects your entire body.

Other benefits of regular tooth cleanings include:

  • Removing stains: Our hygienists can treat minor stains. Your teeth will look whiter and brighter after a cleaning.
  • Preventing gum disease: Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even increase your chances of suffering a heart attack. Dr. Erika can see early signs of gum disease and help you treat it.
  • Teaching better habits: If we notice your teeth have more extensive buildup, our team can work with you to find ways to improve your dental hygiene, such as suggesting new ways to brush or increasing the number of times you floss each week. We can also demonstrate proper techniques.

Many insurance plans cover dental cleaning, too, so you may not have to pay for this preventive care procedure out of pocket.


You should get your teeth cleaned every three to six months, depending on your gum condition. Dr. Erika can see how your mouth has changed since your last appointment and notice potential problems such as tooth fractures or broken fillings before they begin to bother you. By proactively treating these issues, you will save yourself from additional pain and expense, as treatment will cost more when a small problem turns into a big one.


If you want to make an appointment for teeth cleaning near Vancouver, Washington, contact our office today by calling (360) 576-3570 or reaching out online. Our friendly and professional staff will help you feel relaxed and get the most out of your teeth cleaning.

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