Root Canal Treatment

Many people get nervous when they hear the words “root canal.” They often associate root canals with pain and may be reluctant to undergo the procedure because they’ve heard that it hurts.

But root canals have come a long way in the past couple of decades. They are no longer the painful experience many people were taught to dread. At Lighthouse Dental, we offer pain-free root canal treatment at our Vancouver, Washington, office. You can put your mind at ease knowing our dentist, Dr. Erika, has performed many root canals, and patients generally experience only a little discomfort.

Our dental practice provides the highest quality of care to our patients, whether you visit for a more complex procedure like a root canal or you’re here for your biannual dental exam. We help you develop a beautiful smile, keeping your mouth healthy and your wallet happy with the optimal treatment at a price you can afford.


When bacteria stemming from decay build up, they can reach the tooth’s roots and cause an infection. A root canal is a procedure where the dentist removes the infection and bacteria in those roots to reduce the inflammation. After the pulp has been removed and the roots cleaned, the doctor fills and seals the tooth.

You may need a root canal if you experience a lot of decay on one tooth. A faulty crown can also require the procedure if bacteria continue to grow beneath the crown and cause damage.

Broken or cracked teeth often require root canals because they suffer extensive damage from bacteria and decay. And a tooth that has undergone many procedures, such as multiple fillings, may eventually need a root canal as well. If you don’t get the necessary root canal treatment, your tooth could develop an abscess or even require extraction.


We can perform root canals in one dental visit. The procedure usually begins with a dental X-ray so Dr. Erika can see the extent of the damage and where the infection or inflammation has spread. The next steps are:

  • Numbing the area around the tooth.
  • Placing a dental dam on top of the tooth to keep saliva and debris away from it.
  • Drilling an opening in the top of the tooth to allow access to the roots.
  • Cleaning out the roots and removing all signs of infection or inflammation.
  • Filling the clean space with gutta-percha — a plasticine filler — and using an adhesive cement to keep it in place and seal the canals.

Once Dr. Lu finishes the root canal treatment, you may receive a crown to cap off the tooth.


If you are searching for an endodontist near Vancouver, Washington, to perform your root canal therapy, get in touch with our dentist. She can provide the treatment you need, focusing on pain-free care in our laid-back office, where patients feel at home and welcome from the moment they open the door. Get in touch with us today by calling (360) 576-3570.

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