Vancouver WA Dental Implant Services

Dental implants are replacements for teeth that use the jaw as an anchor. The procedure replaces the tooth roots with a post made from metal, which looks like a screw. The dentist anchors a dental crown on top of the implant where the missing tooth once sat. Getting dental implants offers a strong, secure way to replace missing teeth.

Lighthouse Dental performs dental implants for residents living in and around Vancouver, Washington. Our team has extensive experience in restorative dentistry such as implants, and we can assist you by providing high-quality care.

At Lighthouse Dental, we stay on the cutting edge of technology because it delivers the most efficient, pain-free and long-lasting solutions for our patients. Dental implants are an example of the state-of-the-art procedures that our patients appreciate. We have seen the outstanding results implants deliver, and we can help you with this and other restorative services at our Vancouver office.


You have several choices for replacing missing or decaying teeth. Why should you consider dental implant services? The benefits include:

  • Maintaining facial structure: When you lose teeth, it can compromise the integrity of your facial shape. Replacing a tooth with an implant stimulates the jawbone and protects the existing structure.
  • Keeping surrounding teeth healthy: An implant reduces the chance your teeth will migrate or crowd.
  • Creating impressive longevity: A dental implant can last for your entire life, so you can avoid the time and expense of getting it replaced in the future.


Implants are not the only choice for patients who need to replace a tooth. You can also choose dentures. What are the differences between the two? Let’s take a look:

  • Dentures: An older tooth replacement method, dentures are artificial teeth and gums that can be removed from the mouth. Dentures can slip, and they require adhesive to stay in place. You also need to clean them regularly, and they won’t stop the loss of the jawbone below them.
  • Implants: Implants offer a permanent solution that won’t move. You don’t have to do anything special to care for them beyond your regular dental hygiene habits, and they keep the jawbone level steady.


Dental implant services take several appointments to complete. Following an initial consultation with us, we then refer you to one of our local oral surgeon experts, who removes any necessary teeth and places the implant(s). After it is healed and integrated with your bone in three to five months, we either scan or take impressions of your teeth and jaws. Depending on the type of implant appliance designed for you, it will take from one more visit to deliver the implant crown with base, or up to four or five more visits for an implant appliance that replaces an entire set of teeth.

After your implant is placed, you may experience minor discomfort, such as swelling and minor bleeding or pain at the implant area. We recommend eating soft foods for a few days. The discomfort will subside quickly, and you should heal completely in less than two weeks if you have just one implant. If you have more, it could take several weeks.


Dental implants can provide the solution you need to replace damaged or missing teeth, and you can trust our experienced dentist in Vancouver to offer the best service and results. Contact us to set up an appointment by calling (360) 576-3570.

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