Vancouver WA Emergency Dentistry Services

A ball to the face, a skiing accident, a faceplant as you hurry to catch the bus — all these things hurt, and they can all trigger a dental emergency that may have you panicking within minutes. Whether you or your child got injured, you need immediate attention to treat the problem and keep it from getting worse.

You can worry a little less when you know you can find great emergency dental care at our office in Vancouver, Washington. Our dentist has the experience in caring for patients who have been in accidents or sustained severe damage to their teeth. He has children himself and understands how scared parents get when an unexpected dental issue pops up. You can find the best treatment and the laid-back atmosphere you need to feel better when you visit us.


Accidents cause many but not all dental emergencies. Blunt trauma, such as a face colliding with a baseball going 80 miles per hour, can cause the most damage. Here are some common reasons people visit Vancouver, Washington, emergency dentists, and some things you can do before you get to the office:

  • Broken filling: You can break a filling by eating hard candy or other hard-to-chew foods, and a tooth can also break from a knock to the head. Preserve the filling if you can, though the dentist may decide it’s easier to create a new one.
  • Tooth pain: A toothache can develop without warning, and it often signals a cavity or large area of decay. You can also experience tooth pain if you have a gum or tooth infection.
  • Dental abscess: An untreated infection can develop into a dental abscess, where a pus pocket grows next to the root of the tooth. Lack of treatment can cause long-term damage to teeth and gums. Patients often require a root canal when they have an abscess.
  • Bleeding from the mouth: Many things can trigger uncontrollable bleeding, though a soft tissue injury is the usual culprit. Use a saltwater solution to rinse out your mouth, then put some gauze over the bleeding spot.
  • Broken or chipped tooth: Look for the pieces of the tooth to bring to the dentist, then gently wash out your mouth with saltwater. You may not have as much pain with a chipped tooth, but you should still seek emergency dental care as soon as possible, as even a small issue can develop into a large one.
  • Knocked-out tooth: If you lose an adult tooth for any reason, find it and try to reinsert it in the socket. If that doesn’t work, keep the tooth moist by putting it in a container of milk. Don’t handle it by the root — only the crown. Try getting to the dentist within thirty minutes of your tooth injury. The sooner we can replace the tooth, the better the chance of saving it.


If you need emergency dentistry in Vancouver, Washington, reach out to our office. Take a deep breath and call (360) 576-3570. to book an appointment and speak to someone who understands your concerns and can make informed recommendations for the best possible outcome. Our team can help you through these difficult moments.

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